TRISH BENNETT — Comfort Consultant + Curator

My love story with fine textiles feels like there is no origin. I felt the connection to them from such a very young age, realizing they are truly a source of comfort.

Trish + Caring About.


This act might possibly be one of the most powerful intentions one can be active with:

- caring about the way the you can make yourself feel

- caring about the way your surroundings feel

- caring about how you can make another feel about themselves

...which brings me to this moment: the ability to practice feeling good. it is a conscious awareness, through practice, becoming a habit, a loving graceful habit. 

loveliveshereOX was born a long time ago...perhaps when i was five or younger... a culmination of many todays—my life constantly creating, asking questions with desire for knowing more.

I write songs, poetry and spin from loving light. Making others coordinate with feeling good is a strength of mine. 

Textiles are just one the many experiences which makes my heart sing. I attuned to dedicating more than a decade of my life to gracing a prestigious roster of clientele (rockstars, creative artists and the Hamptons rich & famous) with my imported luxury bed & bath ensembles. The desire to source the finest made textiles and pair them with the needs of a person is a beautiful adventure—fulfilling wants without compromising quality for quantity became a loving much about what i discovered about the art of fine textiles is about embracing old traditions—traditions of handmade and the impeccable attention to details never deters from the task at hand; the desire to make the finest products and offer them to people who appreciate the lengths and energy put into the involved intricate creative process of the finished product.

After years of collecting vintage textiles traveling the globe, while producing lifestyle TV programming, the strong impulse to combine vintage silk and luxury bed & bath together—merging elements of textile beauty—tugged at my heart and soul once again. The goal, feel good creating and enjoy the joyful flow.

I went back to my roots carving out a plan which pretty much felt like what i had created before; only i have grown since my tactile questing began. My heart fuller. My sense of appreciation, perhaps broadened. The results, be surrounded in joyful beauty while making people feel happy in the process. 

The other component - sleep. Dreaming and sleep go hand-in-hand. Sleep being an extension of our waking life, but without the resistance. I made it a point years ago to make it as pleasurable as i possibly could for people who cared about creating an environment to sleep peacefully. The bed, I made it their sanctuary, a place to be ensconced in luxurious softness...surrounded in tactile bliss ...and a few referred to me as their sleep fairy. Ha, but true.

I continue the loving and caring about the process. Being inspired comes from many thing: distill a sense of utility, loving essence and marry them together to make my beautiful stories for someone special to incorporate into their everyday feel joy more... extracting the intention of one's soul fully embracing at this place called a lovehome.—LOVELIVESHEREOX." 

may i assist to wake the senses

to see beauty

to feel beauty

to live a lifestyle with beauty

to broaden awareness of the flow of creative loving abundant energy.

and share what i have discovered in sweet presense of selflove. 

the awakening.

Here's to thriving in the company of true love and beauty....and remember to say your prayers—they work while you sleep, so you can dream peacefully.  

- LOVE - Trish OX.