Evoking Details

John Robshaw - Embroidered Linen Hand Towels - I am a sucker for a good Moorish design embellishment.

I grew up with the use of hand towels and table linens. Mimi hand embroidered her own designs and monograms. We didn’t use paper napkins, ever. Mimi ironed them all; and I am glad she taught me these graceful habits.

Richard Ginori - “garafano”, “the carnation” bowl. The antico doccia shape is steeped in the tradition of Florentine ceramics. This design has been in production since 1946. Such a pretty vessel to enjoy a bowl of cereal, soup or salad. :)

Nancy Corzine - The Dressing Table Mirror - reminiscent of old Venetian designs. I had a vintage dressing table & mirror as a young girl; though less elaborate and it doubled as my homework desk. :) A pretty one at that. Mimi had sewn me a two tiered skirt for it in light green voile with coordinating curtains tie-backs. Awh, that was a sweet thought.

Claus Porto - The Deco Collection Guest Soap Box - This is the ideal assortment to sample Claus Porto’s original lines; 15 guest soaps or ideal as travel soaps.

Soap Care Instructions: Be kind to your soap. HA. Dry it off after each use. Make it a little bed rest upon. :) Do everything you can so it does not fall into the basin. Ha. These are also ideal, being color coded, note your feet soap and hand soap. Ha. :)

One of a Kind - Blue Agate Necklace - This stone is said to have relaxing properties. By looking at the scale of this piece, it might put me to sleep. It’s so so beautiful. I love this.

Verner Panton - Panton Chair - Origin 1960. I first saw this chair years ago in a redesign/ installation image from St Barts cathedral, Eastern Bohemia. The aisle with two rows of white Pantons, three deep. The visual; futuristic seating in a 13th century structure. It raised a few eyebrows, but the designer statement remained—through integration and unexpected combination of intelligent elements, they have added a new dimension to the baroque interior. As our blessings and prayers are never hindered by any skeptics. Please do as your kind heart desires to co-create with love for what you do..

One of a Kind - 1st Dibs :) Show Stopper Kimono - 19th century - The Zari handwork on this garment is truly magnificent. The color is striking. The wide 3/4 sleeves are wrapped in and graduating paisley pattern. The process of hand embroidery is a labor of love with such dedicated focus. And the fine details support the glorious scale of this important piece.

Carrs - Grecian Pattern Sterling Teaspoon. With smart clean lines playing off Deco inspiration, but mixes well with just about any genre.

Custom - South American Leather. Beyond The Fringe Hassock. I love fixtures to plop things on. After a good try-on session there could be twenty items resting on there. This one in particular; the shade, the fringe and braid creates a soft statement for a boudoir or dressing room. It’s also very interesting how the first thing I try on is usually what sticks.

trish bennett


Ebanista - Villandry Day Bed - The golden age of neoclassical inspired furnishings. Instinctually, I have always been attracted to this style. There is structure and symmetry; and from here it grounds space to the openness in melding other elements of free creative form. The sensation is organized artistry.

Hand-carved and applied painted finish. I think this is the perfect piece for a good foot rub and the ever important le nap.:)

Alain Saint Joanis - Abeille Olivewood - Handsome flatware. The anatomy of flatware, fascinates me. The embelishment between the handle and the tool, is called a bolster. This flatware has a bee. The significance; the golden bees, particularly in France - ancient symbols of the goddess, utilizing this emblem to represent strength. My interpretation, sweetness is authentic power. Like this, it must be a property affixed from the insides. This is being fed from pure intrinsic nourishment. And if we take a look, the fleur de lis is the outline of the bee. A sort of modernized evolution of this symbolic etheric logo.

Sew Heart Felt - Polar Bear slippers. :) these are specially made for the littles; and GOD they make me smile. The art form of felting is a long process. These are clever. The unicorn, is absolutely adorable.

One of a Kind - Noah's Arc - Folk Art - c1880s Germany -'A magnificent hand painted flat-bottomed Noah’s Ark complete with Noah, his wife and two sons. It comes with a staggering 180 plus hand carved and painted animals and birds, and unusually also insects (lady birds, spiders and crickets). It has a sliding panel front to accommodate the animals, and the whole is painted in most attractive colours with a wavy board roof on which is a dove carrying an olive branch.'

These powerful creatures are hand-carved. Bring-on the flood. I love the 2x2 story. To be in the midst of ability with vision; activating the on-coming beyond the ideals of a solution is ultimate freedom.

RAHUA Classic Shampoo - Made with omega-9 rich Rahua oil and naturally scented with the fresh, woodsy aroma of Palo Santo oil. This is in rotation. Truly moisturizing lather.

Preen - The Eiderdown - The luxurious combination of silk + down is something comforting to be under. This one is reversible; pretty contrasting florals in toffee and aqua. Love this concept, though the eiderdown is hundreds of years old. Designed By Thorton Bregazzi.

Sew Heart Felt - The Sleepy Sheep Carpet - fluffy hand-felted Shirley Sheep rug. I can't. :) This made my day. :) I made him a sleepy story. Oh. Mimi had 13 of her own lambs. And she would often tell me count the happy little sheep. I still do. :)

trish bennett


The art of editing.

Circu Magical Furniture - The Diana Suspension Lamp. Industrial-inspired mid-century modern age design. Custom fabrication. Shades available in any RAL color lacquer. Handmade in Portugal.

1st Dibs/Custom - Peony Floral Oversized Down Pillows from Boslter's Yardage. I love this color-way. It reminds of "vintage Ralph Lauren"; lived-in comforting relaxed formality–particularly overflowing layered beds with two dust-skirts in our country home. :)

LePen 10-Piece Drawing Pen Set, 0.3 Point Size. This set doesn't include it, but the chocolate brown pen is the perfect shade. Oh, There is a new Le Pen; it's called LePen Flex. (It's similar to the Kingart Dual Tip Brush Pen. A FAVORITE.) Flex, It's 1.99. I am going to try it. HA.

Royal Crown Derby - Mikado Blue Plate. A romantic pattern depicting the Mikado opera. The pattern has been made since 1894. Who doesn't love a very well done blue and white plate? PS. the sugar bowl is gorgeous.

Haviland Charger or Presentation Plate, Arc En Ciel in Almond; a lovely happy shade of stem green with gold rim for everyday.

One of a Kind -Regency Slipper Chair. - Original Purpose, a lady gets laced up. And I love chairs. The slope of the tight-back cushion is welcoming, feminine and attractively reupholstered in this wide red ticking stipe. C1810 England.

Portalco - I love these notepads, and the lengths this company goes as true makers in mass production times. Made in Japan. These also come in tie-die blue. Hand-dipped. Very pretty :)

Dualit - Toaster Inox. I take toast seriously. Toast people understand the art of nailing a good slice doneness. This is an inventor's dream into reality. Max Gort-Barten's original was developed in 1946; the first professional toaster with side load! This is an updated version of the Dualit Classic; still remaining faithful to Max's original creation. The other part of this happy recipe, really good loaf of pullman bread.

1st Dibs - One of a Kind - Vintage. 1920s Embroidered Hand painted Japanese Kimono. I. Just. Love. Robes + Kimonos. And can have it, For Everyday.:)

trish bennett


Dedication to details.

Sferra - A Classic geometric design in yarn-dyed sateen jacquard. Available in Duvet + Shams. And such a soothing color-way. It presents a stunning top of bed ensemble with creamy ivory sheeting. This is bedding made for the beautiful people in my life. Made in Italy. In my Prayers + Sweet Dreams. OX.

Richard Ginori - 1735 Coffee set for two Oro di Doccia Magenta. These are still hand painted in the Ginori factory, just North of Florence, Italy. This is my kind of cup. Milk, maybe a sprinkle of sugar.

Mirella Spinella - The Indian Elephant. Pillow, hand-blocked on linen; much like fortuny. New textile, old world technique. Made in Venice.

One of a kind - Gold Pocket Watch. Circa, turn of the century. There is something so endearing about timepieces; especially when thinking about the fast pace of current times. I believe element of analog is needed to take a moment to breathe and appreciate the little things in life. There is also something so satisfying about the weight and ticking of it, like a heartbeat in my hands.

Gucci - Vintage Tom Ford. Rockin' gold studs and the perfect peep-toe. My sister pair is in green python. These are spot-on my epitome of turn the volume up happy shoe disco. Morning Spin.

Knoll - c. 1950s - Solid birch + woven webbing. I love the textile share in the design in this early Scandinavian American side chair. Jens Risom for knoll.

Lanvin - Vintage Silk covered pearls. The concept of this necklace is so precious. A mermaid metal for certain. Natural spun green silk and a long stand of deep sea pearls. So Love This.

trish bennett


Alain Saint Joanis - Ambiance Flatware with Olive Wood handles. All ASJ pieces are hand-finished. The scale and proportions of this flatware is absolutely beautiful. These mix well with vintage silver, adding eclectic layers at place settings.

1st Dibs -1792 Engraved Sterling Silver Love Cup. This is ideal for a small bouquet, pens or toothbrushes. :)

Turnbull & Asser - Best known for their made to measure shirts; they also tailor pyjamas. Patterns are cut from woven poplin in Bengal stripe with fine navy piping; finished with pretty mother of pearl buttons. I love these—Papa had PJs like these. I have them too. And he always had a hanky in his back-pocket. Awh. I know, cute visual.

Mason Pearson - The Rake Comb. Mate to my Popular Brush. It’s the ideal wet comb! And is aesthetically pleasing to me in tortoise.

1st Dibs - Ottoman in 19th Century French paisley shawl. The timelessness of paisley, reworked into new sleek form.

Willam Yeoward - Jam or Honey Crystal Jar. I grew up in a kitchen of many condiments. This vessel is especially beautiful. It would look sweet with mint jelly inside or golden honey…Oh, and I have never had jam. Ha.

Claus Porto - Banho. I bought my first bar 25 plus years ago. The bath bar is a toe breaker. Ha. This bar smells of refreshing lemon verbena. The scent stays until the very end; and the lather is very smooth. Truly a favorite. Soap making in Portugal since 1887.

trish bennett


We had everyday dishes and special occasion dishes when I was growing up. Years ago, I realized, save nothing for when it is perceived as the worthy occasion. Everyday is truly a gift. I like the practice and mindset of fully appreciating people, places and things I deem love worthy. I wear things until they are well worn. The worn places contain precious memories and experiences I can reflect on and see.

The Sweet Life - High thread count in Ecru or White. Smooth Italian sateen sheeting. The art of making a bed is setting the tone for the right kind of night's sleep - solid & peaceful. Put the best linens on that bed and get in. :)

One of a Kind - 1880s Sterling Silver Link & SweetHeart Padlock Bracelet. I have a few of these. They were popular during Victorian Era. I just did research on gate bracelets, the sentiment is quite sweet and made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. My affinity for these now makes sense to me.

Ovation - Ponies & puddles. These are some sporty looking rain boots. I love rain boots. Ha. And Mimi had a pony named Petisa. She would love these boots.

Chairish - Octagonal hand-painted side table. Morocco. This feels nice.

Brother Vellies - Butter Yellow Palms Pump. You had me at bench-made pumps with feathers. I think these are so worthy of some mundane tasks.

Mottahedeh - Chinoise Blue Dinner Plate - Everyday dishes with a snazzy gold rim.

Lockwood Umbrellas - Crafted to last a lifetime. Limited Edition. The best part - made to order. Every one is hand sewn! PS, these umbrellas come with instructional suggestions. BTW, did you know there is a right way to close an umbrella? Carefully, methodically and it's called furling. How about that! :) Love when it rains it pours.

trish bennett

Veritable Fortune

Mauviel - M'heritage 250B Copper Skillet is perfect for making Mimi's magic scrambled eggs and omelets. Established in 1830 in the village of Villedieu-les-Poêles, known as the "city of copper" steeped in generations handing down fine expertise and tradition. Made in France. Comes with a lifetime warranty.

Amazon - Paper Straws - Jumbo. OMG!! WELL these say LET’S HAPPY BIRTHDAY! with a world of blessings X.O.

Sferra - Festival Napkin + Placemat in linen. Generous size, hand-drawn hemstitch in a gorgeous shade of green. Oh and there are only 101 colors to choose from. :) Made in Lithuania.

P E Guerin - Dolphin Basin Set Nº 10201 with Levers - When it is tub time, this is in the realm of a good long deep relaxing serious soak. Add the slow steady trickle of warm water from this beautiful spout and lean in to umm perfect. oh my dear lord.

Alain Saint-Joanis - Horn Handle Salad Servers. I oscillate between the nomad comfort of the one bowl utensil meal and love for the formalities in creating a beautiful meal with a coordinating setting. I feel these handsome servers lend a level of respect to the love poured into making the dish on the platter. Made by hand, in France.

1stdibs - We all need a cow creamer. A silver one. This one was silversmithed in Germany in the late 19th century. and now resides in CT./ REF: LU862311900251 That is one pretty cute tail. ha. love this.

Sloane - Petal Sconce. Hand forged with a square silk shade; pushes the warm lighting down on the subject. I love the idea that lighting is an opportunity to create transitions with feelings in ambiance no matter what time of day.

trish bennett
Finding the beauty:

In Everything

Alfi - Carafe. I make a full pot of coffee and transfer it into this insulated carafe. It stays hot or cold for hours. I mean hours. It has a vacuum tight seal. Made in Germany since 1914.

Oh Linen Heart - filled with dried lavender. Awh. Put them in your drawers, in your suitcase, or in your closet between your favorite things. :) Elevate.

Summerill and Bishop - The Pretty Glass - I just love this goblet. It reminds me of that optical illusion painting; either a challis or two people with their lips touching. It makes beautiful presentation for my chocolate pudding with shaved chocolate on top.

Roger et Gallet - Cedrat Bath Soap. I am a self professed body & bath product connoisseur. Ha. This is a bath time staple and one of my favorites. These bath bars are truly fine milled; the lather is super fine and bubbles tight. And the bar is very long lasting. The percentage of authentic essential oils is very high and no artificial coloring is added. Many of the recipes are from the origin of the French company of 1862. Extra Vieille is also a beautiful scent. I sold these 20 plus years ago. I pray the core values and principles will remain the same as the evolution is happening. I see the packaging has already been revamped. It is now owned by Loreal. PS - I dream of taking over the company and preserving its origin. Ha. But true.

Chemex - What a fabulous story. A chemist adapts a lab vessel to make the best coffee. I believe making really good coffee is an art in scientific form. I make it a ritual, taking it seriously. And the end result proves it is well worth it. Drip via chemex makes a nice creme head in the brew. The key is also use their filters. I will do a taste test for you - Chemex vs. French Press. They are both really good. Oh and Summer means, superior iced coffee.

Gilmour Flexogen - Super Duty Garden Hose - Eight layer construction for kink resistance. I have pet peeves; hoses are one of them. Roll it back up after use, or the shape changes. I have many theories; one of them - How you treat your hose says a lot about a person. Ha.

trish bennett
This &


Stubbs & Wootton - Crest Blue Slipper - Needlepoint. Handmade. There is something proper and yet relaxing about these slippers. I wear mine as outerwear. Made for both men and women. I’ve been a Woottener since the 1990s, when they launched.

Lothantique - Linen Water. Verbena. Add to your iron or spray to line-dry linens - to infuse this refreshing citrus fragrance on things you hold close. Did I mention - I love ironing?

Harry Josh - Pro Tools Blow Dryer. One of my simple pleasures - having a hair beauty machine with a good powerful blow - THIS IS 80 MPH of good blow!. This cuts drying time in half. And it comes with a generous 9ft. cord. And is only 1.16 pounds. WAY Blown away. :)

Kopari - Coconut oil and sage deodorant. I love this product. For those who are mindful of ingredients; this one is Aluminum Free, smells lovely and passes my P U test. So worth the glide. HA.

Naturopathica - Ginger Oil with lemongrass - So soothing. This is made for the full body massage. Head to toe bubba. I am a full believer in touch therapy with Ayurvedic medicine. Oil + Healing Touch.

Sferra - The Berkley Robe. Wrap up after bathing. The Berk is a Plush and thirsty Turkish terry lined interior with a smart waffle weave exterior. And note: two very generous pockets to hold important things while relaxing. :)

trish bennett


KooBoo - Wicker Laundry Basket with Cotton washable liner. One of my favorite pastimes, laundry. So this just makes it even more pleasing. And over time wicker develops a wonderful warm patina. This is one lovely basket to toss your socks and pretty panties into.

holabird sports - Gamma Ball Hopper Pro 90 - Yes 90 ball capacity with padded grip for comfort pick-up and Diamond Clad weather resistant coating. Big Bunch of Balls not included.

Safavieh - Natural Jute Organic Pattern area rug. This remind's me of Mimi's family's summer cottage. It was filled with beachy decor, a large rug like this; and it had a tall dark upright grand piano in it. That was the first piano I ever played. I was only three. This stuck with me.

Sferra - The Lettino Dog Bed - Treat man's friend with lots of sweet petting and a fluffy bed like your human king. Love the simple clean aesthetic of this dog bed in natural or grey linen. Linen? Why not, it's machine washable. Name personalization available.

Pericone MD. - VitminBoost is the word. Feed your skin from the inside-out. These are like rocket fuel. Perfect for travel pc packaging.

Hohner Super 64 Performance Chromatic Harmonica - the first chromactic to boast the range of over four octaves. and it came out in 1938, like the hurricane, in the Key of C. I have never tried it, but love the thought. Bucket list.

Quadro 57.25-Ounce Glass Pitcher with Lid - Darn basic and hasn't changed design in more than thirty years. Why? Because they nailed it the first time. I make homemade English Breakfast iced tea in this every morning in the summer. Decaf...with mint or verbena, with a squeeze of lime and lemon juice.


Art of Layers

And once I find something made really well, I tend to hold on to it, without the desire to follow trends but rather what resonates - this adds value. And there is good thought put into it.

1st Dibs - Vintage Coral Necklace. Love this. I’d pair this with a worn denim snap and silver.

Hermes - Calèche Body Lotion - This is my scent. Created in 1961, named after the horse drawn carriage. It was originally my mom’s fragrance, since I was a very young girl. I prefer the subtle scent of the lotion. Notes of citrus and bergamot.

1st Dibs - Crystal Bead Necklace with Shark Tooth Pendant. I just like it.

Mani Capri - Bench-made croc leather handbag. Pretty color combination.

Manuel Canovas - Palais d’ Ete - A bouquet infused in a candle; a mix of jasmine, lily of the valley, peony and honeysuckle. Heaven.

Le Monde Beryl - Pretty kitten heels in the perfect shade of green. And I can run is these.

trish bennett
made to Last


Snoopy + Woodstock - 50 years for Snoopy. This is my mug of good morning coffee for you.

Tretorn - Nylite - From galoshes in 1890’s to tennis shoes in the 1960’s

Steele Canvas - Handmade canvas utility, since 1921 in Mass. Family owned still.

Ticonderoga - The World’s Best Pencil happens to be my favorite. Especially when a man has it tucked behind his ear. For the writer; making half a billion pencils a year since 1815.

Mason Pearson - 138 years of the Pearson family’s passion and dedication to ultimate hair care beauty. Long hair I care. I have been brushing with The Detangler and The Popular for nearly 25 years. Built to last.

Knotwork - Doormat made of 50 feet of Manila rope. Invented way yee olde long time ago. Made in Mystic, CT since 1939. Founded by a seaman.

trish bennett
Good Morning


Co - The Fully Skirted Sateen Cotton Everyday Shirt Dress. The Peter Pan Collar is sweet.

Blue Stella Loafer Pumps. love these.

Match - Pewter Base Bedside Carafe & Tumbler

La Perla - Muse Navy Lace Panties. Pretty pretty.

Miss Bunny - cotton ball holder

Sferra Bros - The Bello Bath Towel. Portuguese Expertise.

Misoka - Kosho Ueshima’s designed Nonotech Ions Toothbrush. That means no toothpaste. Hmm? I know.

trish bennett

Every Every Day

Guitar Strings Bangles. Yes actually made from guitar strings. Made by Cinzia. These make me happy.

Recife Scribe Rollerball pen. Made in France. Originally designed in 1930s for dialing the rotary telephone. The interior of the pen is made of brass; a very satisfying instrument to write with.

The La Rochere Perigord ice cream compote. Sturdy glass with elegant lines. One scoop or two?

Eminence Serum. OMG For a glowy and brilliant finish! Every product I have by Eminence works. Not kidding. Here are few I love: Stone Crop Oxygenating Fizzofoliant, Lotus Detoxifying Overnight Treatment, Raspberry Eye Masque, Wild Plum Eye Cream, Mangosteen Daily Resurfacing Concentrate…

Light a fire. Light a prayer candle. Have box of matches. Amen.

Alanui cardigan in intarsia-cashmere with denim and canvas patchwork. This is a beautiful concept.

trish bennett


The co-existing of well-made objects, build layers in a beautiful life. And somethings bring a smile to your face.

Fragonard - Vrai, meaning Real or Right in French. This line of body care has been a staple of mine for nearly 20 years. To me it smells like a fresh air. Made for both men and women. The body cream is simply lovely.

Royal Copenhagen - The Initial fluted cup. It feels good in your hand and coffee tastes even better to me from a pre-warmed cup.

Gammarelli - woven for his holiness and beyond. The makers of ecclesiastic vestments and thy cardinal red socks for six generations. Yes, I have a thing for socks. “One does need a hint of color” Nathan Lane, Birdcage.

Saddlemans - Cowhides. My people. and I love them.

Paddington Bear - A hairy man of adventure with a sweet tender heart. And his coat is adorable.

Essential Home - Made in Portugal. Midcentury Modern lines with warm wood tones.. These pieces are made to be merged with complementary decor not matched.

Wittner - Metronome in Walnut. Wind and swing pendulum. 40 - 208 BPM. A handsome fixture, keeping the heartbeat of music, a universal timing.

trish bennett
Drawing Room

Nature’s Elements

Editing transforms haphazard to deliberate. I love making efforts and seeing what comes together.

One more item i might have added; the black rotary-dial standard issue hardwired ma-bell phone. I’d use a pen to dial in, so my nails won’t break. I’d take messages and leave them on the drawing room desk, underneath my starfish paperweight.

The Gold Submarine - Handmade. An Etsy find.

Sferra - Made in Italy, Acanthus Hemstitch Sage Napkin

Jean Dubost - Bamboo Place Setting. Love.

Phillip Jeffries - African Raffia Wallpaper - Two Tine Green, House of Naturals

Fresh - Grapefruit Soap. Simply delightful.

Manolo Blahnik - The Pony Pump. The toe is perfect. The proportions are graceful. I truly believe, life is too short for crappy shoes.

Koket - The Serpentine Sconce

colors of spring


May the quest be forever finding beauty in everything - here’s to taking notice + being inspired by objects we live with everyday on purpose. I am looking at beauty beyond function. Here are a few things which make my heart sing bold feelings of the bright promise of spring. Bold Design, Colors + Function.

SOL - The happiest shade of sunny yellow. Custom. Sol Blanket / available in Queen + King Size

PRS - The John Mayer Silver Sky in Orion Green

Mulberry - Heritage Baywater Geranium Pink Small Classic Grain

Spring Flower Garden - Smoothest Italian percale with colorful poppies / Duvet Sets with Shams

Rosi de Ruig - Tall Thistle Blue Glossy Lamp with Pink And Red Star Anise Paper Shade

Pat McGrath - Lip Fetish Lip Balm - Pink Astral - limited run. [this has no after taste and is must-have staple].

trish bennett