KooBoo - Wicker Laundry Basket with Cotton washable liner. One of my favorite pastimes, laundry. So this just makes it even more pleasing. And over time wicker develops a wonderful warm patina. This is one lovely basket to toss your socks and pretty panties into.

holabird sports - Gamma Ball Hopper Pro 90 - Yes 90 ball capacity with padded grip for comfort pick-up and Diamond Clad weather resistant coating. Big Bunch of Balls not included.

Safavieh - Natural Jute Organic Pattern area rug. This remind's me of Mimi's family's summer cottage. It was filled with beachy decor, a large rug like this; and it had a tall dark upright grand piano in it. That was the first piano I ever played. I was only three. This stuck with me.

Sferra - The Lettino Dog Bed - Treat man's friend with lots of sweet petting and a fluffy bed like your human king. Love the simple clean aesthetic of this dog bed in natural or grey linen. Linen? Why not, it's machine washable. Name personalization available.

Pericone MD. - VitminBoost is the word. Feed your skin from the inside-out. These are like rocket fuel. Perfect for travel pc packaging.

Hohner Super 64 Performance Chromatic Harmonica - the first chromactic to boast the range of over four octaves. and it came out in 1938, like the hurricane, in the Key of C. I have never tried it, but love the thought. Bucket list.

Quadro 57.25-Ounce Glass Pitcher with Lid - Darn basic and hasn't changed design in more than thirty years. Why? Because they nailed it the first time. I make homemade English Breakfast iced tea in this every morning in the summer. Decaf...with mint or verbena, with a squeeze of lime and lemon juice.