The co-existing of well-made objects, build layers in a beautiful life. And somethings bring a smile to your face.

Fragonard - Vrai, meaning Real or Right in French. This line of body care has been a staple of mine for nearly 20 years. To me it smells like a fresh air. Made for both men and women. The body cream is simply lovely.

Royal Copenhagen - The Initial fluted cup. It feels good in your hand and coffee tastes even better to me from a pre-warmed cup.

Gammarelli - woven for his holiness and beyond. The makers of ecclesiastic vestments and thy cardinal red socks for six generations. Yes, I have a thing for socks. “One does need a hint of color” Nathan Lane, Birdcage.

Saddlemans - Cowhides. My people. and I love them.

Paddington Bear - A hairy man of adventure with a sweet tender heart. And his coat is adorable.

Essential Home - Made in Portugal. Midcentury Modern lines with warm wood tones.. These pieces are made to be merged with complementary decor not matched.

Wittner - Metronome in Walnut. Wind and swing pendulum. 40 - 208 BPM. A handsome fixture, keeping the heartbeat of music, a universal timing.

trish bennett