OXstratus scarf

OXstratus scarf


A variation of the original cloud scarf. with woven wide stripes of silk into the sheer organza card body; alternating with homespun silk "clouds". A soft and creamy ivory scarf perfect for layering a casual dressed outfit for any season. There is a lightweight and romantic hand to this silk hand loomed scarf.

Made by a family of generations of weavers. Celebrating the art form in handmade and the elements which go handinhand with the elements and nature of the weaver's own rhythm. No two are alike. The uniqueness of this hand loomed piece is done in old world tradition; the same as if it was weaved 200 years ago or today.


  • silk
  • 70" x 23" 
  • made in south asia.

cleaning instructions: gently hand wash, delicate soap in luke warm water or dry clean. if hand washing, do not wring-out water, roll scarf in a towel to remove excess water. then air dry. press, on very low setting with extra-care, or use a steamer. 

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