celebrate us

celebrate us


there is power in celebrating life's achievements—be it, the events and  little things which hold great meaning for us: a birthday, an anniversary,  the message: make the time to take the time to celebrate. dedicate this consistency with yourself. a sweet kindness to yourself.  it is contagiousness which will spread like wild fire. 

this is such a feel good textile. besides the beautiful colors, i love the wonderful illustrations of the couple dancing in celebration—she is holding a water vessel and he is with a drum. the reverse side is blessed with symbols, i say they are Xs and Os for hugs and kisses. the katha quilting adds dimension with symmetry of red and yellow threads.

adorned, worn as a stole or as a unique decorative table topper.

  • one of a kind.
  • the kantha stitch silk textile is two pieces of vintage silk with running stitches binding them together creating a beautiful quilted texture with graceful yellow and blue cotton threads. 

  • 32" x 79" 
  • cleaning instructions: gently hand wash, delicate soap in luke warm water or dry clean. if hand washing, do not wring-out water, roll scarf in a towel to remove excess water. then air dry. 

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